Incorporation Package

$1,200 + GST/PST/DisBURSEMENTS  |  50% OFF second incorporation

  • Communicating with you to obtain the information we need to open our file and the basic information required for your incorporation.
  • Communicating, where appropriate, with your accountant and others regarding your intentions.
  • Discussing with you and obtaining your instructions regarding the jurisdiction of incorporation.
  • Discussing with you and obtaining your instructions regarding whether to incorporate a numbered company or a company with a name.
  • If you opt to incorporate a company with a name, advising you of the process for obtaining name approval and the extra costs involved with this option.
  • Drafting all documents for incorporation.
  • Meeting with you to review and sign the documents.
  • Submitting the documents to the governmental authorities for approval.
  • Dealing with the governmental authorities regarding any problems with the incorporation.
  • Preparing notarial copies of your Articles of Incorporation (if applicable) and providing them to you to enable you to open a bank account for the corporation, obtain a business number, etc.
  • Obtaining a corporate seal for your corporation.
  • Preparing minute book, including drafting all by-laws, resolutions, and minutes required to organize your corporation and prepare it for operations.
  • Preparing all required share certificates and corporate registers for your corporation.
  • Preparing all required governmental notices relating to names and addresses for directors and officers, registered office for the corporation, etc.
  •  1 hour of free consultation.

    Additional services will be billed at $250/hour