Going Public Package



  1. Preparing Pre-IPO Financing and Organization, including but not limited to drafting:
    1. Constating Documents
    2. Director and Shareholder Resolutions
    3. Subscriptions for Shares
    4. Registrar and Records Office Agreement
    5. Escrow Agreement
    6. Stock Option Agreement
    7. Shareholder's Agreement
    8. Mining Option Agreement
    9. Director and Officer Consents
  2. Drafting preliminary prospectus, and other continuous disclosure obligations including but not limited to the following services:
    1. Conducting company due diligence, including drafting of questionnaires for directors/officers
    2. Creating SEDAR profile, and SEDAR filings
    3. Drafting management discussion & analysis
    4. Drafting press release re: filing of preliminary prospectus, and file on SEDAR
    5. Ensuring auditors are finishing audited financial statements and comfort letter
    6. Ensuring auditor committee review of all financial statements contained in preliminary prospectus or incorporated by reference
    7. Reviewing all documents incorporated by reference in prospectus
    8. Ensuring all documents incorporated by reference are filed on SEDAR before or concurrent with filing of preliminary prospectus
    9. Reviewing and confirming availability of all filing material and obtain all necessary signatures;
    10. Ensuring underwriting agreement is finalized
    11. Drafting letters to BCSC
    12. Advising on advertising restrictions
    13. Applying for new CUSIP number and filing fee
    14. Filing preliminary prospectus, audited financial statements and unaudited financial statements on SEDAR
    15. Filing of articles, notice of articles, 43-101 (if applicable), PIFS, authorizations and copies of material contracts not yet filed
    16. Responding to prospectus comments from securities commission and exchange
    17. Providing all outstanding required documents to BCSC and applicable exchange
  3. Filing final signed prospectus on SEDAR, including but not limited to the following services:
    1. Delivering prospectus to purchasers via agent
    2. Drafting press release re: Closing, and file on SEDAR
    3. Providing legal advisory for management and board moving forward at $250/hour